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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Shoes for long walks

Are you looking for something to wear these days? Clarks Shoes (I’d say semi-boots) meet your footwear needs and look acceptable for working. They’re not very fancy, but they’re good for casual wearing. If you like long walks – I mean walking, not driving – they’re perfect for this type of activity.


Fancy sneakers at work

Creative Recreation recommends a nice pair of sneakers that are perfect to wear at work. If your company does not have a strict dress code, you can go to work and wear these comfy sneakers. But take care that not all sneakers are suitable for work. This Cesario Lo Classic model is suitable because they have a simple design and the color doesn’t attract your boss’s attention.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gore-Tex goes casual

Gore-Tex designers decided that it is time to create casual shoes, too. Because men like the durable Gore-Tex outdoor shoes, the company agreed that it is time to make a step further and sketch some shoes that can be worn to work. The company says that the new shoes are waterproof just like the outdoor ones, but their design is more adequate for working.

Do men need flexible shoes?

Men like comfortable shoes. They are not like women willingly accepting to wear tight shoes just because they look fabulous. Ok, we set up that men like comfy shoes. But do they need highly flexible shoes if they are not running? I don’t know that, but it seems that Redfoot thinks they are needed so, they've created a limited edition of casual shoes that I call flexible shoes. Redfoot Superlight loafer are made of leather and can be folded in half without any damages for the shoe.